We would like to invite you to participate in our Real Estate Development Programme „Słoneczne Tarasy” (Sunlit Terraces).

We are developing a 6 storey residential estate (with an underground parking lot, ground floor + 4 floors).

The property is located in the city centre of Łódź, Poland, at Kilińskiego street, no.12. The property is 3,600 square metres large and has one building on it – an old, uninhabited tenement building, which is designated for demolition.

Minimal investment amount:
200 000 PLN

We are planning to complete the “Sunlite Terraces” investment within 2.5 years.

  • The property is not part of a local spatial management plan.
  • A decision on the Land Development and Management Conditions was issued for this property and residential and commercial building is permitted.
  • Each apartment will have a parking lot assigned to it.

Parameters of the investment

7000 m2
Total floor area
= 6700 m2
Residential area
+ 300 m2
Commercial area

On the heart of the Łódź, surrounded by unique architecture. Check the closest surroundings:

0 m
Renown commercial building “Manufaktura”
0 m
Train station “Łódź Fabryczna” and the centre of Łódź, where a few office buildings are currently under construction. These offices are expected to create 20,000 new job vacancies.
0 m
The longest commercial street in Poland (Piotrowska street)
0 m
Beautiful Śledzia Park
do 0 m
A few departments of the University of Łódź and the Medical

Property description

Investment Process:

1. Formation of an Investment Group

The Investment Group is a special purpose vehicle company. The investors become partners in a limited partnership after investing a minimum of 200,000 PLN, and also co-owners of the property.


2. Purchase of the property

The finalization of this stage is the purchasing of the property in the form of a notarial deed.


3. Building process

7000 m2 of floor area along with parking spaces and commercial areas.


4. Sale of the premises

All of the apartments and commercial premises built will be available on the market. The profit made is then divided among the investors.

Details of the investment:

Legal entity:
Limited partnership

Minimal investment amount:
200,000 PLN

You may join the investment by taking up shares as a limited partner.

Estimated Annual Return on Investment for the investor:


„The highest profits are hidden in shabby walls”



Revisit Home Sp z o.o.
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mobile: 0048 602 418 523

Revisit Home Sp. z o.o. (Limited liability company) was created to implement the most attractive real
estate investment projects with investors. We make it possible for our partners the invest passively and earn on real estate development projects.

Our management team and our industry experts who are involved in this project have many years of experience in completing real estate investment projects.

We carry out all our investments in the form of special purpose vehicle, limited partnerships, which allows for the best tax optimisation.


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