We would like to invite you to participate in our Real Estate Development Project “Mini-Dormitory.”

Our next investment is a residential building located near one of the departments of the Medical University with the purpose to rent out its rooms.

We aim to prepare a profitable business with a steady annual cash flow for an institutional client.

Minimal investment amount:
400 000 PLN

We plan to complete this project within 2 years.

The cost of constructing this 4,200-4,700 m2 residential building with commercial areas and fittings along with necessary equipment (intended for lease) is found below. We have considered a higher cost estimate due to the increasing prices in the building sector.

Also, we have taken a larger floor area into consideration (4,700 m2)

Share in profit of the limited partners 50,00% 2 046 500 PLN
Share in profit of the general partners 50,00% 2 046 500 PLN
Limited partners will contribute 4 000 000 PLN
Return on Investment of the limited partners 51,16%
If capital is invested for a period of 2 years, the annual will be ROI 25,58%
If capital is invested for a period of 1.5 years, the annual will be ROI 34,11%
0 m2
plot area
0 m2
building cubature
0 m2
total floor area of the building
0 m2
apartment floor area
0 m2
apartments floor area
around 0 m2
total plot area built on
around 0 m2
paved plot area
around 0 m2
green area

Description of the property:

Investment details:

The property is located in Łódź, in the Stare Polesie district, at 6-go Sierpnia street no. 72, which is a 1,366 m2 plot of land. The property is not part of a local spatial management plan. A decision from May 2017 on the Land Development and Management Conditions issued for this property allows for the erection of a multi-residential building with a commercial area on the ground floor and also for rebuilding the entrance road.

The plot of land is rectangular in shape – 31.5 m wide and 43.4 m long and has direct access from public roads. There are residential and utility buildings on the property, however due to their poor condition they will be demolished.

Building utility systems:

water installations, fire system, sewage and gutter system, heating system, electrical installations (power, lighting, anti-lightening and others required), ventilation system in the garage and hydrants.

A sample concept of the building:

At the front, the building will be 5 storeys high (ground floor + 4 floors) with one central wing going inward the property – a 3 storey high building beginning with the first floor and with parking spaces on the ground floor.

At the front end of the building there will be 4 commercial premises located on the ground floor (with basic services such as a shop, hairdresser, etc.). The front façade of the building from the pavement before the entrance will be a maximum of 19 m high.

Parametry inwestycji:

Legal entity:
Limited partnership

You may join the investment by taking up shares as a limited partner.

Additional information

The apartments will have the following structure:

  • 45 apartments with a floor area of 52 m2 each,
  • designed for 3 people per apartment = 135 persons.
  • Total apartment floor area 2,340 m2.

Characteristics of the planned building:

  • Plot area – 1,3662
  • Total floor area of the building – around 4 000 m2
  • Cubature of the building 14 700 m3
  • Total plot area built on – around 990 m2around 72 – 73% of the total plot area.
  • Total paved plot area – around 300 m2, around 22-24% of the total plot area.
  • Total green area – around 90 m2, 3 – 6% of the total plot area.
  • Intensity of the land development – around 2 – 3


  • front side – 4 commercial premises about 4 x 84 m2 = 336 m2 and 1,600 m3 in cubature.
  • There will be toilets and staff rooms (with sinks) available.
  • The open area inside the plot will be paved to create parking spaces,


  • At the front end, floors I-IV – residential apartments.
  • The central wing of the building, floors II-IV – residential apartments.

„The highest profits are hidden in shabby walls”




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